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1 举个例子说明一下什么事情在最后一刻放弃了,为什么放弃。



I like Taobao, its so familiar to us,right? Taobao can help you earn money! In Taobao you can spend 200 with 100, you can use the limited money to buy more things. For our students, which means more! You can not just buy things, also can sell anything! In Taobao you can make fun of the transaction, maybe you earn not much money, or even losses. But you will encounter a lot of friends, they are the most sincere and shining spirit light in the material sea.



In my part-time career, once a company has given me a task, I need to display some of the material to the major Hangzhou3Cstores, but they pay very little for me, very harsh demands ,besides, time is very short, what  the most fatal is3Cstores refused to do so with a positive attitude due to the organizers did not coordinate well. Later, with the help of students, i have to persuade the store's manager to help us with some tools, to seek support from the organizers, at last i have successfully completed the task with their help.

4 你经历过的需要学习新的知识,来完成一件事情,你是怎么做的。


When I was a freshman the first time to play the computer, i really don’ t know what to do. In particular I can’t open the machine, I feel so bad. But I was back from angry and helpless . First of all, I seek the help of the computer after-sale, make preparations for the CD-ROM, after the worker’s step-by-step guidance, I completed the first installation of the system. So reason that it is very important!

5 你觉得应该主动去学习还是接受别人告诉你该怎么做。


I think the initiative to learn more important, of course, we have to humbly accept the people's guidance.

6 你对08北京奥运所做过的贡献。


Although I did not make real contribution to the Olympic Games, but I am an ordinary viewers watched the identity of the opening and closing ceremonies, read a lot of competitions, also encourage our Chinese Army, I feel their passion, return  their passion. This is my contribution.

7 你有过网上购物的经验吗,具体说说。


I have a lot of on-line shopping experience, on-line shopping safety is the first. First you do not yield to the temptation of cheap, second you have to concern the credibility of the seller, if possible, you can also ask the buyer has bought, it will more intuitive. Third you have a comprehensive understanding of what you want to buy, in particular for digital electronic products, you can avoid deceiving with a good understanding of the product. The final must use third-party payment, make sure the safety.



I want to be a person who is a professional manager, I know that I am still a long way from that goal, I have also to strive to become more perfect, more competitive. I have a lot of places to learn and to add, such as foreign languages, and so on.

9 Tell a time when your trustworthiness is challenged. What is your respond? 讲述某一次当你的信誉遭到怀疑时,你是怎么应对的?


I encounter a lot of things like this because I always introduce my classmates some part-time jobs, it will inevitably face some financial involvement. Once finished a activity, I felt my classmates have a sense of conflict with me , I suspect that they are aware of me. I also did not shy away from it, but facing up, the last dispel their concerns with my good faith.

10 如何看待城市养宠物。

文章来源: 顾振琪博客www.bbgxzx.com



Now many city people have the habit of keeping pets, whether young or the elderly, the very part of the reason is that in order to resolve loneliness. From a certain perspective, it also reflects that with the accelerated pace of contemporary life, a richer material life ,but much harder to bring people spiritual pleasure, the lack of people-to-people communication and exchange lead they put emotional sustenance to the pet. From the economic point of view, the rise of the urban pet, develop some of the related services sectors, such as pet care, maintenance pets, pet food, and so on, not only enriched the life of the city, as well as the expansion of urban industry.

11 在团队中你通常是什么角色。



I can do a leader in the leadership team, can do a coordinator, also can do an ordinary member of the team, it depends whether you are the right man to the position. In an environment ,everyone must possess a high level of adaptability and responsiveness, and when I stay in an environment, I will do all to achieve their own conversion as soon as possible in order to adapt to the demands of different positions, and the fact showed I can do !

12 一天中你最喜欢哪个时段。


In the morning. “Dollars a day is morning.” For me, every morning is a new starting point and the beginning. After a long night, all in the morning is the very vitality and bright. With a good attitude, I can adjust myself to start a day's work and learning, and good efficiency often comes from a good morning!

13 你的偶像。

黄光裕 (为什么?)

14 你经常访问的网站。


Economic Observation Network, Zhongguancun Online, the official Yat goods, Netease, Sina and so on.

15 选择公司看中薪金还是发展机会。


I think the opportunity is more important, of course, can not be separated from guaranteed salary. Having a good opportunity for my career is a milestone, when the opportunities comes, can not be easily missed. I have a goal, so need the development opportunities. I believe that when I have a good development opportunity and make a good performance, the salary will increase accordingly.

16 做事失败的经验。


Failure is the mother of success. Only learn lessons from failure, and encourage myself progress. Whether at work or study and life, I came across the failure of experience, the fact is that I have to always keep a clear head, not impetuous not proud ,to be down-to-earth, step by step.

17 你怎么帮他人解决问题。


I will be guided in general, rather than directly to help. In many cases, who is facing various problems, it is necessary to grasp a "severe", it is necessary to distinguish between the situation and place, then make a decision. Sometimes too much help will give the burden and pressure, so when in the actual communication with others, I will pay attention to the demand changes, then give appropriate assistance they need.

18 讲述一段时间,你很主动地做事情而不是别人告诉你做什么。


I have been looking for a job, I think I am a pro-active enough. I will go for a number of opportunities which others appears to be no hope for them. The fact proves that I have returns after pay. As long as I take the initiative, there always have opportunities .No passive waiting, I will .get more chance!